This is a blog written by Alix, a twenty-one year old art student and book nerd.
I was born in 1995 in Dorchester County Hospital and grew up on an island only (officially) attached to the mainland by its beach. I would climb the cliffs and swim and search for little glass pebbles among the rocks.

I first became interested in London when the family who ran the Indian takeaway moved here. I asked my parents why and they said “because it’s a place where you don’t get judged on dumb things like the colour of your skin!” From then I always imagined it as a communist paradise.

Although it’s not quite living up to my 7 year old expectations, I couldn’t be anywhere else right now. I am now studying art at Central Saint Martins and still swimming.

Here’s some stuff I like:

Wes Anderson films, re-watching Rick and Morty and Tame Impala music vids on a far-too-frequent basis, Rihanna, sticky toffee muffins, rabbits, nonsense, black boots that make me feel like Nancy Sinatra, feather earrings, La La Land, iced lattes on a drip feed, pyjamas on bananas, all Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Rachel Maclean work, anything and everything Tavi Gevinson produces, cheesiness, books forever and always, being inside when its raining, snub nosed monkeys, Raymond Chandler similes, Aidan Koch comic books, watercolours, those funny little bulbous succulents, Lord of the Rings marathons supported by Stella Artois.