Anarchism and Paper-Mâché

I rip up an article on terror. The tearing gives a satisfying growl. Each piece is distressed. Each piece forms a comfortingly irregular shape. The edges are soft in their frayed scene.


Anarchism is a political philosophy that believes in self governed societies. These are often described as stateless societies. Anarchism holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, and harmful.

I dip a piece in gloop: pva glue and water. It is thick and runny and races to dribble near the sides.

Anarchism does no offer a fixed manifesto, but is a more liquid philosophy.

I delicately slap it onto the surface of a mirror-like, heart shaped balloon. I put more pieces on. If you try and read the article it forms a garbled mess. The structure is destroyed. It’s logic flew out the window.

Some anarchist factions have engaged in rioting, property destruction and violent confrontations that were ad hoc, leaderless and anonymous.

The small chunks now give the surface friendly, imperfect bumps.

For English anarchist William Godwin the main goal of education was the promotion of happiness.


The hearts are now comforting solid ball objects. Nothing more.


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