Pink Houses

A recent Guardian article (millennial pink: architecture of a certain shade that is catnip to urban instagrammers) claimed that architecture is the latest victim to suffer from the millennial pink trend. Bathed in the “fresh, new” hue, concrete constructions pollute my Instagram. Why have we all RIGHT NOW got such a taste for it? RIGHT NOW, never before, so new.


Apart from it isn’t.


Cottages in Suffolk are not so famous for their traditionally pink washes.

Wattle and daub fills the space between timber framed building, wattle being wooden stakes or a woven latticework and daub a mixture of clay and sand. The daub is then patted into the wattle. To create the tender blushed pink a distemper of buttermilk and pigs blood is then painted on.


The use of pink as an aesthetic choice today is linked to a mindset of creative playfulness in people doing well. Against a blue sky it is paradisaical rather than rural Gothic. Sensibility and pleasure rules the semi ugly shade of millennial pink rather than the slaughtering of a farmyard animal.

The dream of Miami hotels will never correlate with the pastoral state of Suffolk if pinterest can help it.


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