I want to make my work more mature. Less child-like. Less picture book. But the childishness comes from a place of consumerism – where we are all treated like toddlers with fickle tendencies. Where we are all driven by the desire for the new. Where we are all so careless as to throw away once treasured items who are now conquered in their purchase.

The childishness comes from living in a world of representation. Image is God. Image is nothing. Violence is outsourced from Syria. Injustice from the working classes. Love and pain from the cinema. Comfort dominates our reality really.

The childishness comes from a search for authenticity. Everything was true and right in our youth, wasn’t it? Now we’ve digressed. Our existence is so unstable it balances on a razor’s edge. One foot wrong and you fall. Careful.

Knight Kelley Notebook

Image: Mike Kelley, Ahh. . . Youth, 1991, in “Self Portraits.”


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