Two tone pipes

Summer’s starting and making everything lighter and greener. A surprising optimism is starting to grow in me which feels like fairy dust scattered onto a bed of weeds. I feel it slowing my routine down. Everything is elongated but shorter. The tide of daylight sweeps me up rather than that of night. Easy to romanticise.

Right now my neighbour’s playing the piano and da-da-da-ing like she IS Ryan Gosling from La La Land and I lay exuding heat (not quite sweating… yet).

This photo was taken yesterday evening. I brought a baby’s cot on eBay for a piece of work I’m very slowly making and me and a friend went to pick it up at Lancaster Gate and gazed at all the pretty twee rich people houses (OH MY GOD SHE MUST BE RYAN GOSLING!). The houses were all two storey and pastel shades, some with garages, some with converted garages which we thought would make a lovely studio space. It was very Sunset Boulevard, I could have almost transformed into the camera panning out and flew away myself.


I especially liked these pipes. Look! They painted half the house baby blue and the other half pink, so painted the drainage pipes half blue and the other half pink!!!!


Ryan Gosling’s stopped.

To be honest though, on the way back was so nice. Too clean, too nice… ahhh Camden! My old friend.


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